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Driver training has become a necessity in today's transport industry, so it should be seen as an investment, not an expense. As the roads get busier and the cost of freight delivery increases, driver training has become an extremely important industry.

At Holiday Coast Heavy Vehicle Driver Training (HCHVDT) our mission is:

"We Train to a Standard, Not a Price"   in providing professional training, and supporting our learners to strive for success; and

"To provide quality training and assessment to prepare learners for a fulfilling professional career".

About Holiday Coast Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Established in 1996, Holiday Coast Heavy Vehicle Driver Training has 20 years of experience training heavy vehicle drivers and plant operators. We are an active education and training organisation and an integral part of the local community.

We have continued to deliver nationally accredited training, leading to nationally recognised qualifications, with a focus on high quality, accredited, cost effective training, tailored to organisational and individual learners needs.  

HCHVDT offers a range of training programs that provide members of the community with the opportunity to participate in training which is motivational, relevant, and effective.

HCHVDT is committed to providing quality learning experiences, resources and services through a wide range of courses and supports a flexible approach to learning. This means you have a choice of study methods including workplace delivery, class-based tuition, self-paced study, and one-on-one tuition.

At HCHVDT we strive to be professional in our approach, and be flexible and innovative to achieve the results the learner desires.We are proud to be working in a partnership with you to pursue and achieve your training needs. 

We have a proven capability to meet the needs of our clients throughout the Manning and Great Lakes area, North Coast, Upper Hunter, and the Hunter Valley. 

When you need expert training, we are the ones to call.

Quality Training -  our systems of training and assessment meet the national standards.

Satisfaction -  our services are of a high standard. With our business, service is everything, from the time you enquire to the very end of your training.

Continuous Improvement - we are continually finding ways of becoming more efficient at what we do. Our systems for training and assessment are regularly validated and improved to increase the quality of the training and assessment we provide.

Outcomes - when you successfully complete your training and assessment with us, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for a Nationally recognised unit of competency;  for some, “a bit of paper”, but a useful tool for others, especially jobseekers.

Cost efficiency - our business is a small family owned and run business. We prefer not to compete with others on price, and let the above points sell themselves, but we are well aware that price is an influencing factor and try to keep our prices as low as possible.

Qualified Trainers - all of our trainers have TAE10 qualifications, are RMS approved Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructors/Assessors and/or Workcover NSW approved assessors. Our trainers regularly participate in professional development and continuous improvement initiatives and activities to maintain current industry knowledge.

Get in touch today for more information about our courses.    Call us on 02 6551 3409

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