Heavy Vehicles

Heavy Vehicle licence courses

All licence classes - LR, MR, HR, HC and MC

We train to the Competency Based Assessment (CBA) system, allowing learners to progressively achieve the required skills and knowledge during training. Learners will then undertake a Final Competency Assessment (FCA) with a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Accredited Assessor on the open road using an RMS prescribed test route. Once you are successful, you can go to any RMS motor registry to upgrade your licence.

During training you will learn how to:

  • drive the heavy vehicle, including vehicle handling and performance, start up and shut down procedures and load restraint
  • monitor traffic and road conditions enabling safe operation of the vehicle and courteous interaction with other road users
  • monitor and maintain vehicle performance, including pre-operational inspections, vehicle checks and appropriate signage

We have a large fleet of Industry Standard Modern Vehicles with Road Ranger & synchromesh gearboxes.

Before you start your Heavy Vehicle training you will need to

1. Read the publication  A guide to heavy vehicle competency-based assessment

2.   Practice the RMS Driver Knowledge Test as many times as you can.

3. Go to a RMS Registry and complete the Driver Knowledge Test ($49.00)

4. Purchase heavy vehicle competency-based learners log book ($23.00)

5. Book in your training with us.

More information on Heavy Vehicle Licencing from Roads and Maritime Services NSW

Driver Assessments,  Pre-employment checks & Driver Refreshers

Whether you are an employer or a driver, there are benefits to our driver assessment program. Our qualified and experienced Assessors will assist in identifying practical and theoretical competence in heavy vehicle drivers, evaluate skills, attitude and technique, and identify training gaps.

For Employers

HCHVDT has been providing driver training services for 20 years and have used this and the many years of industry experience of our trainers and assessors to build a comprehensive driver assessment program that will assist with recruitment and retention of drivers.

  • be confident that your new recruits have the driving skills for the job
  • make sure a driver has dealt with issues after an incident
  • ensure your drivers can meet required performance standards.
  • identify gaps in training

Assessments can be tailored to your needs, including:

  • Pre-operations checks
  • Vehicle operation and control
  • Economic use of vehicle
  • Driving behaviours, attitude and technique
  • Basic road rules and legislative requirements
  • Reverse, couple/uncouple, load restraint

For Drivers

  • demonstrate you are ready for your next career move by brushing up on your skills before a pre-employment check/drive.
  • remove the Condition B from your licence
  • or just refresh your skills – gearbox, reversing, load restraint


  • on your site, in your vehicle or in our vehicles
  • 2-4 hours duration, or as needed
  • Flexible delivery to suit your needs
  • Written reports and Certificate of Completion, as required

Download a course flyer here:

TLILIC2014B Licence to drive a light rigid vehicle a rigid truck above 4.5 tonnes GVM but less than or equal to 8 tonnes GVM;  a rigid bus with less than or equal to 8 tonnes GVM or seats more than 12 adults, including the driver

TLILIC2015B Licence to drive a Medium Rigid vehicle - a two axle rigid truck, above 8 tonnes GVM; a two axle bus above 8 tonnes GVM

TLILIC2016B Licence to drive a Heavy Rigid vehicle - a rigid vehicle, with a minimum of three axles and a minimum 15 tonnes GVM; a three axle articulated bus or a three axle bus above 15 tonnes GVM

TLILIC3017B Licence to drive a Heavy Combination vehicle a prime mover with a minimum of three axles and a semi-trailer with a minimum of two axles - vehicle must have a GCM rating of at least 24 tonnes; A heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer - trailer must have at least two axles and a GVM of 12 tonnes or more

TLILIC3018B Licence to drive a Multi Combination vehicle a heavy combination B-double rated vehicle at least 22 metres in length with more than one trailer, which has all pertinent documentation permits etc.; a three axle prime mover with an A and B trailer each with bogie axles

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